The Abilities In Me

Yevheniia (Jenny) Lisova

Children's Book Illustrator

About Me

Hello, my name is Yevheniia (Jenny) Lisova and I am 24 years old. I’m from Odessa in Ukraine but I am currently staying in the UK with Gemma’s family to keep safe. 

I have illustrated more than 300 art projects. When I was a child my biggest dream was to be children’s illustrator and I still can’t believe that my dream has come true . I love my work because I help bring stories to come alive. I love to see how children react to my characters and enjoy each detail of the books I draw.
I love to work on The Abilities In Me book series because I can show through my drawings that ALL children are beautiful and amazing! They each have a super ability that they have inside and we can show this to the world and explain that although we are all human,  each of us have our own peculiarity. I look forward to working on more books with Gemma to help create awareness for children with abilities worldwide. 

– Jenny Lisova

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