The Abilities In Me

Our wonderful founder Gemma Keir was awarded the 1917th ⭐ POINT OF LIGHT ⭐ from the Prime Minister🏅🇬🇧❤ yesterday on the 26th August 2021 for outstanding recognition in voluntary action in the UK.

This is a special scheme set up by the UK government that recognises inspiring acts of kindness who volunteer across the nation.

The article is below and soon, Gemma will be receiving her letter from the Prime Minister and certificate, which I’m sure she will frame nicely. 😍
Gemma gives her whole HEART into the abilities project, she barely ever sleeps and manages three children of her own through this and has never asked for anything in return. It’s all she ever talks about, trust us, we know hahaha. 🤣

She truly, truly deserves this and we are so PROUD of what you have done for so many families, not only in the UK but globally and from the goodness in your heart. She visits schools for free, she pays from her own pocket to print and do giveaways. 🌍 Even in her response, she just speaks so highly of these amazing children and how they should be heard, she is always crediting those around her, who have helped make these books along the way and she loves the world of abilities, like one of her own!! Not only has she volunteered the last 3 years, she is now growing and many volunteers around the world want to be part of this project and help in some way.
From The abilities in me Foundation, *future* board of trustees and your families!!! ☺☺
We can’t wait to make this into truly what it deserves to be!!! ❤

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