The Abilities In Me

I have come away so proud today. 😭❤🎊🥳⭐

The abilities in me has been kindly stocked into it’s *FIRST* ever bookshop. Today was the grand opening and I spent time reading with the children and learning all about their super abilities.

I love being with the children and learning all about them. I think it’s so important that we acknowledge the things we can do.

Thank you to everyone who came along today to meet us, support us and Next Page Books shop!

The owners are incredibly amazing and I am so looking forward to coming back soon. They not only have welcomed me as an author. But I feel so much, part of the community. 🌈😍🥳

We have decided to plan an abilities Christmas event at the bookshop. 🎅 So I will post more updates on this soon. It will be a bookable event where your child can meet Santa and recieve a book too.

It’s been a lot of work over the past three years and I wouldn’t be here without Adam Walker-Parker Illustration. The children loved all the pictures today and it opened up many discussions.

Thank you!

Thank you to all of you, for being so supportive. ❤

Gemma Keir
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