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The Feelings in Me: Self-Love

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The Feelings in Me is a mini series which is a spin-off from the popular The Abilities in Me collection. Written by children’s author Gemma Keir, this series is primarily aimed at a young audience with bright and colourful illustrations and provides invaluable insight to help support children in learning to understand and accept their emotions and feelings.

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“I had a tough time accepting myself after my open heart surgery. The love people showed me helped me change my mind and showed me my scar is beautiful and so is my story. I show my friends self love by teaching them ‘You are you and that’s enough’.” – Elise, age 9 – South Carolina, USA


“This book makes me remember that we all have magic inside us. I love being me.” – Grayson Ambridge, Age 5 (ASD, ADHD & PDA) – Australia


“I enjoyed the activities because it made me think of what I love about myself, I want to share the book with my friends to make them happy. Everyone deserves to feel loved!” – Harriet, age 9 – England, UK


“I love this book, the little girl looks just like me! I love the affirmations, and we do these every day in our family. I liked the bit that says beauty comes from within, it’s important to remember this. Share kindness, love everybody, and live your best life.” – Jasmine, age 9 – Scotland, UK


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