The Abilities In Me

Max Keir


About Me

Hello, my name is Max and my super ability is that I can sing! Also, I am the Chairman of the trustee board for The Abilities In Me Foundation. 

I am a proud daddy to my 3 extraordinary children and they always fill my day with more love and happiness than I could ever dream of!  However, my journey started all the way back in Canada, where I was born! Performing is a major passion of mine. As well as starring in musical theatre productions, being in a band and hosting my own radio show, I also volunteered as a coach, supporting children with the same passion. 

Children of all abilities have always inspired me with their minds, imagination, determination, perseverance, growth and so much more. I feel like they help me develop and become a better person. This lead me to becoming a cast member at Walt Disney World, Florida! As a cultural representative, this was the greatest opportunity for me to meet people from all over the world and learn about them and where they come from. It helped me become more aware, understanding and inclusive towards others which is so important to me and I feel is the primary focus of The Abilities In Foundation. I love being part of this beautiful family and look forward to meeting more of you. We are all different, we are all the same, we all have abilities and we are all together! 

-Max Keir 

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